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Multi Crew Pilot Licence

15 – 18 Months (Min. 750 Classroom, Min. 250 Flight time)

Target Group
Students are selected through a Psychometric Assessment administered by FlightPath International for the Sponsor Airline.

English. Student must have the ability to read, write and communicate at a functional level in the English language.

Course Location
Sponsor Airline requested site.

The FlightPath MPL program is an Airline-Dedicated pilot license that requires competency-based training throughout, avoiding the existing practice of training to the ‘Checkride’. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) stated; “The global civil aviation training community now accepts that the traditional, inventory and hours-based training regulations for Ab-Initio Pilot training, are out of step with the requirements of Multi-Crew operations in modern transport airplanes, and that crew training has become a prime target to generate improvements in safety.

The overall goal of an MPL program is to transition a new flight Candidate to First Officer in as little as eighteen (18) months through a school environment encompassing general aviation education, basic flight training and full transition to Qualified First Officer. Full Airline Operational Procedures are integrated throughout the MPL pilot training program. This MPL training is leading edge and provides Operators total control over a pilot’s development while integrating students into the airline environment in a cost effective manner. Candidates are initiated into airline culture, operations and productivity during the MPL process.

FPI Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course

For further information about this course, please contact:
Tel: +1 705 434-0058    FAX: +1 705 434-0063

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