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C-001 Trainee Registration Form

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Trainee Registration Form

Name (Full legal name. This will be the name on your Certificate).

The Certificate(s) you receive will be:

*For Differences, Engine and Conversion courses student must supply applicable Type Certificate

Transport Canada
FlightPath (FPI)
EASA PART 147, CAAC CCAR 147 Certificate

Please include your Date of Birth, City & Country.

AND a Copy of valid passport must be provided. Otherwise, a copy of Government issued photographic identification document showing date and place of birth is acceptable.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence

If Yes, licence# and agency must be supplied

Contact details while on course

In case of EMERGENCY we should notify

Student's Company Details

Apple iPad/Tablet – Student Responsibility Form/Agreement

1. The student accepts full responsibility for the security of the iPad/tablet and all components present (at the point of charge until discharge). Should the iPad/tablet or any part component thereof become damaged, lost or stolen the Training Manager shall determine the course of action on a case by case basis, up to and including withholding course diploma (pending investigation).

2. FlightPath International agrees to supply the following for the duration of the course: One (1) iPad/tablet and one (1) charger power cord with adapter will be issued to the student for the period constituting the duration of the course. The student will be required to return the above listed items at the completion of the course and treat the above items with respect, take due care and maintain the security of the iPad/tablet.

3. The student agrees to be the sole user of the iPad/tablet for the duration of the course named above. The iPad/tablet is to be used for training purposes only and is not to be used for personal use in any way. Lending or renting of the iPad/tablet is strictly prohibited, and considered a violation of this Agreement.

4. FlightPath International reserves the right to deny use of the iPad/tablet to the student for any reason. Failure to adhere to, or unwillingness to sign this agreement will result in the iPad/tablet not being able to leave the classroom.