In August 2011, FlightPath International, in conjunction with Ethiopian Airlines, began the development and implementation of the first Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) training program in Africa.

The overall goal of an MPL program is to transition a new flight candidate to First Officer in as little as 18 months through a school environment encompassing aviation general education, basic flight training and final transition to First Officer. Full Airline Operational Procedures are integrated throughout the pilot training program. This MPL training is leading edge and provides Operators total control over a pilot’s development while integrating students into the airline environment in a cost effective manner. Candidates are initiated into airline culture, operations and productivity during the MPL process.

FlightPath International has been serving Airlines and Operators in Africa and the Middle East for over eight years in markets such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Chad, Congo, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan and Iraq. MPL presents an ideal opportunity for airlines in these emerging markets, as well as worldwide application.